Explore Williamsburg Brooklyn: 10 Things You Have To See

If you’ve never been to New York, Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood is an excellent place to start. With amazing views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn, fun places to explore, and delicious places to eat and drink, you won’t be disappointed. Here are 10 of the most exciting things that Williamsburg has to offer.

Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge

Crossing over the Williamsburg Bridge from the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a great way to start your trip. Even though it isn’t as crowded as the Brooklyn Bridge, it still has a lot of character. You can also catch a glimpse of the old-school New York City style subway running in the middle of the bridge.

Peter Luger Steakhouse

One of the top steak houses in New York City, Peter Luger is a must-try if you’re in Williamsburg. If you’re having trouble getting a reservation, the trick is to go to the bar and order the burger for $16.95. It’s one of New York’s top burgers, and you might be surprised to learn it’s available at a steakhouse!

The Best Shopping in Williamsburg

They call Williamsburg the hipster capital of New York City, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a great mix of high-end stores and vintage, thrift stores. The prices are a bit higher, but the unique finds will be worth it. Beacons Closet is one of the best places to get a great deal on stylish clothes, with a used Mets jersey going for free (perfect for those Yankee fans).

McCarren Park

McCarren Park is a great spot to hang out and have a picnic in the warmer months. It’s got two different baseball fields, a public pool, and plenty of barbecues. It’s also a great place to take your dog, with its own separate dog park.

L’s Pizza

If you’re looking for a great slice of pizza, you’ll want to check out L’s. It’s owned by an Italian and he puts a lot of care into each slice. The burrata slice is especially good at only $5. It’s got burrata cheese, olive oil, and fresh basil, and it goes perfectly with a margarita slice.

Rough Trade NYC

Whether you’re looking for records or a great music venue, Rough Trade NYC is the place to go. It’s half record store and half music venue, and it’s the perfect place for music lovers to explore and find something new. You can even get a free guided tour and enjoy a show with an intimate second-level view of the main stage.

The City Reliquary Museum

The City Reliquary Museum is an often-overlooked spot of Williamsburg, but it’s a great place to check out. It’s open Thursday through Sunday and only costs $7 to get in. They specialize in quirky artifacts from New York City, like old seltzer bottles, baseball cards, and even a 400 day-old Spiderman-looking shoe. It’s a great place to explore if you’re looking for something unique.

A Memory to Cherish

Williamsburg is a great place to visit, and with so much to see, you won’t be able to experience it all in one trip. From the amazing views of the East River and the unique stores, to the delicious food and the unique culture, Williamsburg is sure to leave you with a memory to cherish.


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